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14-18 years Charlotte doesn't fit in with her two best friends, or with anyone else at The Underhill Preparatory Institute, her cut-throat school for the rich and gifted. But when those best friends kill themselves suddenly, Charlotte doesn't know where ...

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  • There is no book cover



    why can I not purchase this book from you??

  • Dear Zoo Big Book


    Dear Zoo Big Book

    A great book I remember from my childhood. Lift the flaps to see what animals the zoo has sent until you finally find the perfect pet. Great interactive book and good for those learning to read.

  • Mum! The Monsters!


    Mum! The Monsters!

    There's monsters or so it's thought stalking the house and hiding in corners. Untill mum comes along and prices otherwise. A great story to show kids monsters don't exist and if they did us parents ...

  • Solomon and Mortimer


    Solomon and Mortimer

    A wonderful follow up to Solomon crocodile. Two friends are up to no good as they are bored before getting a big fright.

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