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4-8 years Tractors are powerful machines, able to do all kinds of jobs on the farm. Learn about all the controls inside a tractor cab and about all the different jobs tractors do at different times in the year: plowing, muckspreading, planting ...

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How to Read Stories

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How to Read Stories

Do you find yourself making excuses to get out of bedtime stories? You’re tired, it’s past bedtime, there’s housework to do, and you need to make dinner… Sound familiar?  Is this true ...

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  • Children E Book

    Children E Book

    I do really like the book ^^ and I wanna know more about the author ^_^ good luck <3

  • When Mr Dog Bites


    When Mr Dog Bites

    Great book. Love it!!!

  • Pride and Prejudice


    Pride and Prejudice

    This book is the only one that I have re-read and is obvious the reason. This book is great !!!

  • We Come Apart


    We Come Apart

    I can not believe this book is not so well known. Everybody should read it, it's great!!. leelo, es totalmente adictivo

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