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Trouble At School

5-8 years It's Bella's first day at her new school and, lucky for her, she's already got a best friend who will be in the same class – Magda! Bella is determined to make a good impression, but with Magda ...

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Exciting new worlds are being designed by the best authors of the 21st Century! Dystopias are great novels to let your mind reflect on our society.

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  • Buzzzzby the Cross-Eyed Bee


    Buzzzzby the Cross-Eyed Bee

    Where can I purchase buzzzzby the cross eyed bee Thanks

  • Magoo Who? Life Through My Eyes


    Magoo Who? Life Through My Eyes

    Just dropped in to let you know that 'Magoo Who: Life Through My Eyes' (while no longer available in hardback) IS available in paperback and eBook. In fact, it became a series of FOUR books--The ...

  • The Wee Beastie


    The Wee Beastie

  • The Wee Beastie


    The Wee Beastie

    Daisy how would you feel coming on tour with us? We are Nadily, 2 of the most amazing, incredible and attractive people. In fact you have met one of us.

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