5 Sizzling Hot Tips for this Summer

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5 Sizzling Hot Tips for this Summer

Instead of spending the full day hanging out the washing or googling activities, we have you covered with our 5 best tips on what to do when the sun is out.

If your children aren’t already out playing Pokémon Go, quick go outside together! The sun’s out, enjoy it before it goes away. There’s a heatwave this week, and once again we find ourselves in one of those extreme temperature situations. One of those ones, where you want the sun, but did you really prepare yourself for the heat that comes with it? Of course not! So really, most of us will sit and wait to make plans because a small part of us actually thinks it’s going to last. Don't worry, we have you covered:

5 Tips on What to do when the Sun is Out

#1 Go to the Gym

Go to the gym… haha! But in all seriousness, if you have the motivation go for it! But for most of us that’s the last thing on our minds. The real first thing we suggest you to do is grab your children and their books and get to the beach! Of course, we sell kids books, so why not order a few online with only a few clicks! You could be learning a new language together with your kids, maybe Spanish? We have first learning books to help your children learn quickly and easily. And then, as you lie there sunning yourself, you can say ‘Hola’ to the sun as you feel like you’ve been wisped away on holiday.

#2 Ice Cream

Ahh, who doesn’t love some refreshing ice cream on a warm sunny day? Well, actually we never see the sun, so that’s more of a rhetorical question. So definitely get out there and enjoy this rare occasion by sharing some ice cream with your kids!

#3 Barbecue

Get your tongs and charcoal out, and get cooking! Yes, its Barbecue weather! Let’s be honest, if you don’t get a BBQ happening, you’ll walk past your neighbour’s house and smell theirs only to get a huge bit jealous. While you're cooking, your children can read a fun book about recipes and help you out! Cooking together is way more fun.

#4 Go for a Walk

Take a stroll in the park and let the kids roam free on the slides, swings and monkey bars. And what a perfect time to take the dog out a walk too. Just remember make sure you have a leash and collar so people aren’t throwing electronic Pokéballs at your pets! Once you’ve got that sorted you’re all set. Also, don't forget to bring the books with you. Reading in the park is another great way to bring nature stories to life.

#5 Gardening (or...read a Book Outside) 

And our finally tip for today, number five, take a trip to your garden. How long have you waited indoors staring at those weeds ruining your pretty garden, or the grass that just won’t stop growing? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the weather while still being productive. And for the kids here’s a fun and easy activity, which we’re sure parents will love too. No really, you will. Build a pirate ship and watch it float!

Even if you don’t choose to use any of our ideas, we hope you have a great day and enjoy the weather. Feel free to write in and tell us all about how you’re spending your time, or visit us on our website below and find us on Facebook at Boolino – Books for Kids, or follow us on Twitter @boolinoen remember to like and share!


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