5 ways to support your child's educational needs

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5 ways to support your child's educational needs

By Carol Cameleon

As parents, we have a responsibility to support our children's educuational needs and to build up our child's confidence, wouldn't you agree?

We have an instinct, a responsibility no less, to give our children the best possible starting blocks for their learning journey, to nurture our children's self-esteem, to make them feel good about themselves and to show them how to cope with life's inevitable 'knocks'.

It sounds simple to read it in black and white doesn't it?

5 ways to support your child's educational needsWell here's the thing - it really is simple!  The best things in life often are...

And here are 5 ways to support your child's educational needs:

Play counting games from an early age ~ this can be in the form of songs that include counting forwards and backwards.  Counting out spoonfuls of food, cars on the road, there are numerous games to play.

Read to and with your child ~ literacy is a vital part of your child's educational jigsaw puzzle.  Reading to them builds up their confidence and sets the foundations for much of their academic life.  You can buy books from online stores (such as Boolino!) or borrow them from your library.  However you do it, read, read, read!

Get outside in nature ~ going on mini scavenger hunts is a great way to introduce your child to nature.  Make up a little wildlife hunt to add to the fun.

Learn about history ~ make a trip to your local museum and enjoy the interactive exhibitions they often have on display.

Enrich their science learning ~ You Tube is a fantastic way to get your child into science.  Dad Blog UK has some really simple but fun science experiments on his channel.

All of these activities lay vital foundations for your child's on-going learning and help to build up their confidence and self-esteem.  Best of all, each one if fun!

What do you or did you do with your child(ren) to support their learning?

A big thank you to Carol for guest blogging for us this month.
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