7 books for kids coming out on 7th September to put on your reading list!

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7 books for kids coming out on 7th September to put on your reading list!

By Kirsty Finlayson

September 7th is set to be an amazing release day!



September has landed and we have no idea where this year went.

Not to fear though, with September comes a whole load of new kids book releases.

This September 7th is set to be an exciting one!


Sir Scaly Pants And The Dragon Thief

An evil fire-breathing dragon has stolen the king! This is a job for the one and only Sir Scaly Pants. Can Sir Scaly Pants save the day and rescue the king? Is the dragon really as evil as everyone thinks?

For kids who love dragons, knights, and a good giggle! 

This Zoo is Not for You

A charming story about a platypus who comes to join the zoo. He doesn’t quite fit in though and must get through a whole load of interviews conducted by the other animals. Will he secure his place in the zoo?

Written in brilliant rhyme, this is a delight for both children and parents.

Spectre Collectors: Too Ghoul For School

The Spectre Collectors are here to save the day. They steal Denzel away from doing his maths homework and bring him to their headquarters for some very important training. Oh, and there is a HUGE problem on its way from the Spectral Realm…

For kids who love magic and all things spooky, an awesome read.

Spectre Collector Kids Book Boolino

Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds: The Jet Of Justice

Guess who’s back… It’s the one and only Danny Dingle and he is having some big issues. He is trying to get ready for the sci-fi convention as well as the flying machine competition but mum is getting in the way, urgh!

We love the Danny Dingle series and can’t wait to read about his latest capers.

Danny Dingle New Book Boolino

13½ Incredible Things You Need to Know About Everything

Did you know that one in every four animals on earth is a beetle? Or that ketchup used to be made from mushrooms? DK’s latest release contains over 1000 facts on 80 different subjects.

This book will take young readers on an incredible factual adventure.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals

For the little explorer in your life who wants to know absolutely everything. From birds and frogs to sharks and dogs kids will love learning important facts about the wonderful and strange world of animals.

A beautiful hardback that kids will read over and over again.

Very Important Animals DK Boolino


Sarah Crossan is back and better than ever. Joe’s brother is on death row and his date has been set. Crossan’s latest book questions life, forgiveness, and opinion all in a truly accessible way.

Thought-provoking and insanely moving, this is for young adults and adults alike!

September best kids books

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