7 Children's Books About Space For Astronauts In The Making

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7 Children's Books About Space For Astronauts In The Making

By Kirsty

The latest book from Oliver Jeffers is all Earth, for someone who knows nothing about it. To follow on with this theme, we got together seven of the best children's books about Space and the Universe around us.

Boolino's Pick of Children's Books About Space

Here We Are Oliver JeffersHere We Are 

We absolutely adore Oliver Jeffers work and we've been counting down to this book for a while now! Written by Jeffers for his son, this book explains the planet we live on on a child's level. Some things are easy to understand, but some things are a bit more difficult. This book takes you on a journey and opens up a dialogue for you to have with your child.

Goodnight Baby MoonGoodnight Baby Moon

Where does the Moon go at night? Why is it sometimes a circle and sometimes it's almost gone? This beautiful book follows two little rabbits on a midnight stroll as they look up at the Moon. A great children's book about Space for the littlest ones in your family. We love the LED light on this book which makes it truly unique.

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DKfindout Solar SystemDKfindout! Solar System

If you haven't bought any of the DKfindout! series yet, this is a great one to start with. The book is jam-packed with facts about Space and the Universe, it also ties in with the national curriculum so you can introduce learning at home.

Children's Books About Space

Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer Space

A laugh-out-loud book for adventurers and astronauts. Nobody knows it, but the destruction of Earth is only three steps away. Those three steps include an old parrot, a spelling mistake, and a news reporter schoolgirl. What could go wrong? This children's book about Space is hilarious!

Kids Books About SpaceThe Jamie Drake Equation

Jamie's dad is an astronaut, which is pretty amazing! Well, all of his friends think that, but Jamie is missing his dad a lot. When Jamie picks up a weird signal coming through on his phone, it becomes apparant that alien life is a bit closer to Earth than he'd like. 

The Moon

The Moon Book

For older kids wanting to know more about the Moon, this is for them. This brilliant non-fiction book is filled with facts and intricate illustrations. Our favourite thing about this book is that it has transparent pages which reveal hidden surprises!

Toddlers Books About SpaceSpace

Another great non-fiction book, this time for younger kids. Space is a brilliant springboard for finding out more about the Universe. With fun flaps and bright, intriguing illustrations, this will whet your children's appetite for more children's books about Space!

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