7 Fiction Express Books to Spook Your Students

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7 Fiction Express Books to Spook Your Students

By Max Gayler

It's that spooky time of year where we feel the courage to tackle the scarier side of fiction, and we've put together a list of Fiction Express' 7 scariest titles that are guaranteed shiver givers!

Shadow People - Sharon Gosling

Alex is an ordinary boy who keeps seeing weird things. They look like people, only they're not really there. But somehow, Alex knows they're not ghosts.

A night-time knock at the door reveals the shocking truth behind Alex's visions. He is needed - to help stop an invasion!

“Those things. They’re not shadows. They’re aliens. They’re trying to invade our planet, and there are only five people in the world – including you – that can see them."

The Ghost of Grimstone Grange - Alex WoolfThe Ghost of Grimstone Grange

Easily the creepiest of any of Alex Woolf's 'Time Detectives' series, investigating the death of a young boy leads Joe and Maya to face the consequences of changing the course of history

“He’s a waxwork, you idiot,” giggled Maya, but the laugh died in her throat as the boy suddenly moved. He turned towards them, and Joe was startled to see that his gaunt, pale face was creased in desperation."


The Vampire Quest - Simon CheshireThe Vampire Quest Simon Cheshire

What a fangtastic idea! A world where Vampires have found a vegetarian alternative to human blood. But when there's no more Feed-N-Gulp left, who are the vampires going to eat first?...

“Oh dear,” said the troll. “Well, if you’re not going to tell me about it, I’ll just have to eat juicy James here!” The troll thrust James towards his big, smelly, open mouth.


The Gloom Lord Cavan ScottThe Gloom Lord - Cavan Scott

When even remaining positive isn't an option, Will and Jackie don't stand much of a chance finding this mysterious figure capable of turning everyone around it into a depressed mess.

"I don’t know,” whimpered Jackie, tears pricking her eyes for no reason. “I just feel so sad all of a sudden.” Without warning, she began to cry uncontrollably too."


SleepersSleepers - Mark Wright

When Kelsey, Ambika and Robbie wake up on a train with no memory of what happened, a terrifying adventure begins. Who are their menacing captors, and why are they holding the three friends prisoner in a mysterious country house? Will they escape before the sinister Professor Stone carries out her evil plan?

"Sparks erupted from one of the control boxes across the chamber. A guard jumped back in shock as one of the clones began to thrash and buck on its gurney, the face a half-formed monstrosity."

Nightmare Island Alex WoolfNightmare Island - Alex Woolf

On a trip to Mexico, Rory is forced to spend time with his strange new step-sister, Itzel. He can’t believe it when she tells him about Nightmare Island, a place where your worst fears come true. To prove it’s just a myth, he agrees to go there with her. And so begins a thrilling, unforgettable adventure!

"The forest seemed different now – darker, thicker, more as it had appeared in his nightmare. Was it his imagination, or could he hear urgent, pounding footsteps behind him?"

Ghost TowerGhost Tower - Andrew G Taylor

When Leanne and Hamid enter the soon-to-be-demolished Shang Tower in search of fabled treasure, they find a lot more than they bargained for. Chased by mysterious shadows looking to cause a much harm as possible.

"“The creature you seek dwells on the roof of the tower,” said the boy, his voice so faint it seemed to be a whisper of wind.

“Please set us free!” breathed his twin."


There you have it, what we think are our scariest books. Think we've got something scarier? Let us know on Twitter at @Fictionexpress or sign up here and read Ghost Tower for FREE!

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