7 Ways To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

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7 Ways To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

By Kirsty Finlayson

Need some inspiration for how to celebrate Roald Dahl Day? Read on! Psst! This blog contains a few special surprises!

Roald Dahl Day is quickly coming up (13th September – don’t forget!). 

How are you going to celebrate Roald Dahl Day?

Maybe you will dress up like The Twits, or brew a magical potion that The Witches would be proud of.

If you’re stuck for ideas for how to celebrate Roald Dahl Day, take some inspiration from us. Remember to share with us what you get up to!

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Our Top Ways To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

1. Dance!

Get grooving to celebrate the day. Take some inspiration from the Oompa-Loompas and get together your best moves. Create a boogie that would beat the Oompa-Loompas in a dance off!

2. Get Crafty!

Use the books as inspiration to get crafty! At Boolino HQ we loved making mini grandma wire figures from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can even play around with the faces and make different characters! You just need wire and cotton wool!

3.  Dress Up!

Who is your favourite Roald Dahl Character? Well, today is the day when you can be them! Celebrate Roald Dahl Day by dressing up as James, Matilda, or Willy Wonka! Make your costume as imaginative and outrageous as possible!

Free Activity Sheets Roald Dahl

4. Rhyme!

Get creative and write your own Revolting Rhyme. How hilarious can you make yours? Or follow The Witches lead and make a rhyming spell. What will your spell do?

5. Draw!

Celebrate Roald Dahl Day by drawing your favourite character. Make sure to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

6. Bake!

What better way to celebrate Roald Dahl Day than with cake?! It’s in so many of his books so it’s only right that you make your own! Enjoy our recipe for an oozing, delicious, decadent chocolate cake, mmm! 

7. Read!

Well of course! To celebrate Roald Dahl Day in the best way possible, you have to have a book in hand!

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Celebrate Roald Dahl Day Activities PDF


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