A pair of specs for having fun

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A pair of specs for having fun

By Mariona Bosch

A story for children that is humorous at every turn and shows that being different can be a lot of fun. The main character's attempts to hide his specs are touching and have very positive results.

There are all kinds of specs but Rex's are red and brand new. The little main character of this children's story has to wear his specs to school for the first time and this, far from appealing to him, is very embarrassing. So much so that he tries to hide his specs in his breakfast or his afternoon tea, or endeavors to do anything at all so that his classmates don't notice them. To the point that he paints them in art class! Curiously, this event will spark a change in how Rex sees his specs, and then all thanks to them, he will meet a new friend and become popular among his classmates, since everyone thinks that Rex is really funny for all the silly things he does. In actual fact, everything that Rex is doing is part of his plan to hide his round and red specs. And it turns out that Rex can't stop having great ideas as a result of the situations he creates when trying to hide them.

specs for rexSpecs for Rex is a story that allows us to see the internal phobias of a child, which really anyone could experience, from an entertaining viewpoint (created by the expressive illustrations). Little Rex finds himself strange with this new object that he has to wear on his face. He doesn't identify with it and he doesn't recognize himself. With specs, he feels different and he thinks his peers will reject him for this. In the end, the contrast with the reality is positive. Rex realizes that his fears were unfounded and that being different can be favorable, it all depends on your attitude and how you approach the subject.

The illustrations by Yasmeen Ismail are truly gorgeous and very expressive. specsEach of Rex's attempts to hide his specs is a touching action, each posture of his head or each expression on his face communicate a lot and make the little main character a very entertaining and authentic friend.

Incidentally, all that surrounds his attempts to stop everyone from seeing the change rounds off well, just like his glasses.

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