ABC’s: The Building Blocks for Strong Reading Habits

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ABC’s: The Building Blocks for Strong Reading Habits

Healthy reading habits are developed at a young age and can benefit children throughout their whole life. One of the most important pillars for  early literacy is the knowledge of the alphabet and phonics.

Children are thought to read and write in primary school and the alphabet is the main driver for success in these two areas.

Alphabet Letters

Children need to distinguish between the different letters of the alphabet and understand the relationship between them when forming words. The sooner you introduce them to the alphabet the more time they will have to practice and understand this concept.


Phonics is a method of teaching reading and writing of the English language through the ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes. The idea behind phonics is to teach children to identify and learn new words by spelling them out.

According to Wood and McLemore from the University of Florida, practicing the alphabet and phonics through fun and constant activities can boost the child’s development and performance.

“For students to succeed in reading, two components must be in place in our early childhood classrooms: a focus on letters of the alphabet and systematic phonics instruction.” 


By combining the letters of the alphabet and phonics with fun activities that children genuinely enjoy, parents and educators can help children develop their reading skills.

  1. Read Children ABC’s Books together
  2. Link Words through Poems and Rhymes
  3. Link Words or Letters to the Children’s Context

Below you will find a few examples on phonics and a few ABC children books we recommend to learn the alphabet.

Phonics Song 1
Phonics Song 2
My Awesome Alphabet Book

Remember that the more you read with your kids, the more they will enjoy reading and learning. Help create a fun attitude towards learning and you’ll help your child devellop into a great reader in no time.

Happy Reading!

The Boolino Team



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