Adventure books featuring twins

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Adventure books featuring twins

Today we are recommending a saga that tells us about the adventures between siblings, for preteen boys and girls. Normally, fraternal twins and, even more so, identical twins, have the same group of friends and their social lives have many points in common.

A sibling usually makes a good fellow adventurer, thanks to the complicity from living together for many years. This is the central theme of the children’s saga we are discussing here.
The Tapper Twins Go to War is a book that features two twins, a boy and a girl, who, in the form of a diary, tell us about the all-out-war between them. In a comical way, obviously. This is a book that tells us about fights between siblings in a very funny way. The humorous tone feels very fresh and it combines a traditional narrative with cartoon sketches, text tappermessage dialogues, extracts from a personal diary and conversations with their parents to tell the story, all presented with a variety of designs and fonts. This is an original book, which requires you to concentrate when you jump from one type of text to another. The Tapper Twins Go to War is the start of a saga that promises laughs and lots of fun.
They are humorous books, stories that take advantage of the complicity between siblings to exploit the comic element that is usually based on the mischief that they get up to or the fights that they get into due to living together. They are also books that make you interact with them; this is not a traditional narrative, it contains pages with different designs and texts in different formats.
Don’t miss this chance to experience the adventures of these siblings, which will see them overcome their problems thanks to the complicity and love that come from growing up together.

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