Amazing Back to School Series

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Amazing Back to School Series

Back to School can be the perfect time to start fresh, a new beginning. It could be the beginning of a new chapter in your story. Every famous book series needs to start somewhere!

Speaking of book series, some of the greatest children's books series take place or mention BACK TO SCHOOL. The new school year is a time of change and uncertainty, it's one of the best scenes to start off a story. Take for example, the famous Harry Potter series. Harry starts a new school year at Hogwarts and the story devellops further.

This week, we’re sharing some of our favourite stories with you!

Harry Potter aside, have you read any of these great series? Diary of a Wimpy Kid, WigglesBottom Primary and Night School? How about Sideways Stories from Wayside School? These books will make back to school an exciting time to find out what happens to all of these great characters and how they deal with the challenges ahead of them. Take for example Wayside School's crazy stories. Learn all about the adventures at this madhouse of a school. Accidently built 30 storeys high! What strange events are happening on the 30th floor?

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