Apple tart. A slice of hope

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Apple tart. A slice of hope

By Mariona Bosch

A story about adolescent insecurity, naivety and manipulation. A story about the flame of hope.

It’s not easy to write about school bullying and even less so with sensitivity and subtlety. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald shines a light on this issue, as if it were a slice of the tart of our hero, sweet Oscar.

The start of this young adult’s story always reminds me of the beginning of Broadchurch, a television series that starts with the tragic disappearance of a child and the repercussions for the family and their environment. However, in this book for young adults, the story unfolds differently. Oscar and his friend Meg will take up the thread of the story with a first-person narrative, to bring us a story that is full of reflection and clarity on the social relations of children who are entering the stage of youth.

Centered on Oscar's character, the story of The Apple Tart of Hope takes us on a journey through true, but also false, friendship. Oscar will go on an impressive inner journey during which he describes the anxiety and unease that he feels about growing up, leaving behind his childhood and the assumption that some of life’s plans fall apart and have to be rebuilt, but above all, this is a journey on which he discovers the effect that cruelty and childhood deceit have on his feelings.


Oscar is naïve, he believes in the goodwill of the people around him and he thinks that everything can be resolved by being friendly and, in his case, making apple tarts. Oscar doesn’t understand that a friendly appearance may conceal ulterior motives that can harm him and this blindness will have devastating results for him.

As well as Oscar and Meg we have Steve, Oscar’s brother, and Paloma, unaware of the wickedness of her actions and of the power of careless words.

A story for children who are becoming young adults, for young people who feel the melancholy of the child who is still a part of them and which they refuse to give up. A book to show that everything can change suddenly.

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