Are children ready to share?

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Are children ready to share?

By Mariona Bosch

The rush is not a very good companion. An eager duck, who wants to be first in everything without considering his brothers and sisters, will learn this lesson. A story by Océano Travesía to address children's selfishness using humor.

Going first is not always the best option. The main character in Me First!, edited in many european countries, is a small and eager member of a duck family who will make this discovery. This is a short story about how becoming part of a group of equals is always more difficult for some children. This children's story infects us with laughter on every page, sometimes through the expressiveness of the illustrations by Di Giacomo, and other times through the text or even a plot twist that adds a moral. It is an ideal story to awaken children's inventiveness, and an entertaining and subtle way to show the importance of ignoring the competitive instinct.

With this story, we can approach the selfishness that characterizes the stage of life from one to six years old, a time when children behave as if they were the center of the universe, owing to their failure to understand that other people have needs and interests which differ from their own. Teaching children at these ages to put themselves in someone else's shoes is crucial. The story is short but it touches on several themes that will be important for many moments during children’s personality development. In the story, we see the anxiety to have things and not give them to anyone else, and so the need to learn to share arises. We also see the rush to satisfy needs immediately, such that the story can be useful to help children to overcome these stages and to be able to correctly adapt in all aspects to the sociability of life, as well as to grow and become adults that recognize other people's worth.

yo primero

¡Yo primero! (Me First!) provides a very good opportunity to use the story as an educational moment to show children the importance of waiting their turn, appreciating other people's opportunities and developing the ability to share, while also overcoming the sense of ownership. Reading a story such as this one is a perfect way to tackle these issues.

In the same vein, we also have ¡Mío! (Mine!) from Ediciones Jaguar. A beautiful children's story about a classic childhood situation in which a brother, cousin or older friend have to contend with the company of a smaller child. For the main character, it will be very useful to learn to be generous with her toys and activities, and most of all, to understand that her younger cousin sees her as a role model and thus she should set a good example.

Involving children at this early stage of life and putting them in contact with books of this style and quality can lead to an authentic educational moment for navigating all the ordinary childhood conflicts.

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