Back to School: The Countdown!

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Back to School: The Countdown!

Are you counting down the days until School starts? How about your children? How well do they know their numbers? 

There's no avoiding the back to school blues. Instead of seeing this as a challenge, teach your children to see it as an opportunity to learn new things and meet new friends. As a parent, you will set the example. By offering to learn together even before school starts, you're actually teaching them learning can be fun. This will also help build up their confidence with the topics you're learning together once they're back to school. Why not spend what’s left of the holiday to learn numbers and counting together?

This is a great opportunity to spend time together with your children and to make counting as fun as posible! Children should see how fun counting really is. One of the easiest way to make counting fun is to pick up one of the numerous counting books available at the library or online and start miming, acting and playing with the numbers while following the book. You can always make up your own questions and stories about numbers and counting. Your children will have so much fun with the great illustrations, stickers and fun packed activities, they’ll forget they’re actually learning.

Here are just a few examples of our counting books:

My Counting Activity and Sticker Book


Lift-the-flap Counting Book

What’s your best story on teaching your children to count and numbers in general? 

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