Back to School: Scary or Fun?

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Back to School: Scary or Fun?

It's important to take a step back and reinforce your child's positive perception of starting school. Back to school could be very fun but for some children it could also be very scary. 

Who’s excited about going back to school? Is it parents looking forward to peace and quiet, or is it kids looking forward to seeing their friends? It’s at this time we need to consider the scary side of school. Some people will have moved school and will be starting anew! How scary is that?!

It’s definitely scary, but a good scary. At Boolino, we want everyone to feel included. We are made up of a very diverse team, and we know how scary it is starting somewhere new. That’s why we make sure we can reach out to everyone. This is why this week we would like to reach out to those people starting a new school with our book The Ellie McDoodle Diaries: New Kid in School. Children ages 9-11 can learn about Ellie’s worries about starting in a new school and how an unexpected situation can help!

Back to school can also be verry funny. The The Funniest Back to School Joke Book Ever is a great example of a book using humor while integrating learning. There are a lot more books that could help with the back to school blues. The idea is to know what your child likes and search for books about those topics. Humor generally resonates with the majority of children and it’s an easy pick! Let us know how your kids are coping with the back to school blues in the comment section below.

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