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Book Lovers Interview

This month's Book Lover's Interview features book blogger Kim, who is a big advocate of reading and reviews lots of wonderful books, with the help of her daughter, over on her blog BookBairn.


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I'm a stay at home mum and teacher-at-large who lives in Scotland and loves blogging about children's books. I have one beautiful and bright little BookBairn who is just turning two years old and another baby due soon. We read lots of stories together, and enjoy getting new books in the post. We review our favourite reads on our blog 'bookbairn'.

10 Questions (Answer honestly!)


  1. What is the most memorable book from your childhood?
    Charlotte's Web
  2. Are there any types or genres of books that you don’t like to read, or struggle with?
    I struggle when reading fantasy books - sometimes they are just too fantastical for me. I'm also not the biggest fan of non-fiction.
  3. What fictional character most stands out for you and why?
    Matilda - though I think most bookworms probably say that!
  4. Where is your favourite place to read?
    I love to read outside when the sun is shining!
  5. If you were a fictional villain who would you be?
    Emmmm, I'm not really a villainous sort of person. I guess if I had to choose it would be Cruella DeVille.
  6. If you could change the ending to any story book, what would it be and why?
    I honestly cannot think of a book I would change the ending too. I have never read the final page of Gone With the Wind because I loved it so much I didn't want it to end so I never actually finished it.
  7. What is your current favourite children’s book?
    That's a hard one for me as BookBairn (my daughter) and I read so many. But it would probably have to be Nibbles the Book Monster.
  8. If you could make a book club, and invite anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
    I have an online book group with two friends @bookloverjo and @bookmonsterally and I would want them to be in my club so we could actually meet face to face. And I would also want lots of fellow bookstagrammers to come along too!
  9. And what book would you read at the book club?
    Probably a children's book like Northern Lights.
  10. Finally, if you could take one children’s book onto a desert island, what would it be?
    I would take a copy of The Grimms Fairytales as it would have plenty of different stories to explore.

A big thank you to Kim for taking part in our Book Lover's Interview, now go and put your feet up and get ready for your new arrival! Check out Kim's blog to read her latest book reviews, and follow her on Twitter @BookBairn



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BookBairn's Papa C

Interesting interview. I've learned some things about my daughter.