Books About Imagination: Imagine Away!

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Books About Imagination: Imagine Away!

Does your child spend hours playing in the backyard? Dreaming about far away places and fun adventures? This collection of books will encourage your child to keep imagining!

Books About Imagination: Imagine Away!

Imagination! The wind that steers the sails of your child’s games and dreams. Children have the incredible capacity to see a sea where there is simply a bath, or a mountain in a sofa.

This capacity can be powerful when we are young but as we grow it takes form in other ways that are practical for our daily encounters.

In order to continue fostering your child’s imagination, we can teach them how it works through the special books about imagination below.

Launch your child’s imagination with this fun collection of books about imagination! 

Distinguishing Reality from Fantasy

Toddlers have a hard time comprehending the difference between reality and fantasy. By discovering The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat your child will begin to understand that you can create fun escapades using just imagination and little more than a cardboard box.

This fun book is loosely based on the classic Edward Lear poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” and is best suited for ages 3 to 6.

Using Imagination to Problem Solve

Imagination can be a very useful tool to resolve from every day disputes to mysteries. Children will enjoy the Scooby Doo: The House on Spooky Street as they become part of the famous band of mystery hunters.

This book is special as your child can actively interact with the plot as they can choose the path to follow in order to resolve the mystery in a different way every time they open the book!

This exciting story is recommended for children aged 7 and above.

Imaginary Friends

Many children have imaginary friends and this may worry you as their parent. However, many child phycologists encourage parents to treat the child’s imaginary friend as part of the family.

Your child may even ask you to reserve a seat for their special friend. Your child’s capacity to create a friend is a clear sign of their powerful imagination.

Amanda in The Imaginary also has an imaginary friend named Rudger and they share fantastic adventures in her backyard. This moving story will enthral readers aged 9 and above.  

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