Books about witches and ghosts

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Books about witches and ghosts

We cannot forget books about witches and ghosts. Are you really brave? We recommend two books aimed at readers who enjoy scary stories.

Books about witches and ghosts are a way of stimulating your child’s fantasy and imagination but dare you read them before bedtime? From all of the books about terrifying beings that do not scare children, we have selected two interesting stories. Carry on reading with your child, even though they can now do it alone. Here are our recommendations:

Knitbone Pepper, Ghost Dog is a heartwarming story of fear and intrigue. The hero is a small dog who lives in a spooky mansion. But like all dogs, he’s loyal to his owner and will do everything within his power to help her. One day Knitbone wakes up to discover that he’s dead and that his owner is grieving for him. Incredulous, he soon meets the ghosts of all of the previous farm animals. To help Winnie, he will play the classic role of the mansion ghost, to scare off anyone who is trying to take the house from her. Because whether they’re alive or ghosts, dogs are still man’s best friends.

We also mustn’t forget that crazy but kind witch Winnie. Her adventures also include a Halloween story: Winnie’s Amazing Pumpkin. What kind of vegetable would a witch grow on her vegetable patch? A pumpkin! It’ll also be huge because Winnie, in her eagerness to grow her favorite vegetables, doesn’t want to wait for them to grow so she casts one of her spells…which will make everything around her grow to an enormous size. What would you do with a giant pumpkin? Dive into the adventures of Winnie and find out.

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