Boolino book review: Girl vs Boy Band: The High Note

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Boolino book review: Girl vs Boy Band: The High Note

This month sees the release of Girl vs Boyband: The High Note. This is the second book in the series from Harmony Jones, published by Bloomsbury. We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advanced copy here at Boolino, and had great fun getting stuck in.

The Story

12-year-old Lark’s singing is big news on YouTube. The videos that her best friend Mimi posted are generating so much buzz, she’s even got record producers knocking on her front door! But does she really want a life in the spotlight, or is she just content with writing hit songs for up and coming boy band, Abbey Road? They’re about to hit the big time, and as her mum is managing the band she’s got the inside scoop on all the band members. Fame seems absolutely terrifying, and the one person she can talk to about it just happens to be the newest member of Abbey Road, her mega crush, Teddy. But with the boys about to head off on a massive US tour, will she seek out fame herself or run in the other direction?

The Review

I would have loved reading this as a “tween”, in fact, I loved reading this as an adult! It’s definitely one for kids that like pop music and dreaming of being a star or in a band. I would say the theme is quite mature, there is a fair bit of teen angst and drama with that first love vibe going, but ultimately, it’s really fun, a great story of friendship, talent, and following your heart. My favourite character has to be Fritzy the house keeper, her imaginative food creations had me chuckling!

The blurb says fans of Taylor Swift and One Direction will like this, and I can definitely see that, given that Lark is a country music singer from Nashville and Abbey Road are a British pop band. I can’t believe that Lark is only 12, I would have said she was about 14, but I guess some kids are more mature than others and when you’re in the music industry you grow up fast!

This is one for the superstar daydreamers, I could really see this series being made into a movie or a TV series.

Grace, Boolino Team

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