Boolino Review: Clumpety Bump

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Boolino Review: Clumpety Bump

By Kirsty Finlayson

Take a sneak peek inside Clumpety Bump with us, one of Maverick Books' latest releases

We love having books sent to Boolino HQ as it gives us the chance to make a cup of coffee and do what we love best – read!

The lovely people at Maverick Arts Publishing sent us a copy of Clumpety Bump, which has been a very welcome addition to our bookshelf!

Clumpety Bump by Phil Allcock and Richard Watson

The Story

Clumpety Bump is a lazy horse, a VERY lazy horse. His owner, Wally Wobblebottom loves helping his friends out, but Clumpety Bump just can’t be bothered!

Wally keeps trying to get Clumpety Bump to help him out as he visits his friends but Clumpety Bump is having none of it!

Then one day, Wally decides to go it alone and realises how much he really needs Clumpety Bump (despite how lazy he is!!!)

Will Clumpety Bump stop being so lazy and help his friend out?

Clumpety Bump Books For Kids

Why we love it

Clumpety Bump, despite being so lazy, is a loveable character who will make kids giggle.

It’s a brilliant book that will teach little ones how important it is to help each other out!

Filled with repetition and laughs, we give this book a big two hooves up!

Clumpety Bump Maverick Books

Who is it for?

We recommend this book for children aged 2 to 6.

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