Build Your Confidence

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Build Your Confidence

By Boolino Team

Never change for a bully, but build on strengths which you already have that will help you in the future. When it comes to building its important for both children and parents to be aware of actions they can take to help be rid of the problem as soon as possible.

Previously, we’ve written about some quick fixes to be rid of bullying. But its important to consider what to do in the future to prevent it from happening again. Now we’d like to emphasise NEVER feel like you should change for a bully, but what you can do is build on strengths which you already have. Those of which will actually better prepare you for the future.

For example, confidence is a key role in dealing with any situation as you grow older, so next time you are faced with a bully you can actually look forward to the learning curve they are better preparing you for.

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