Bullies Aren’t Brave

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Bullies Aren’t Brave

Bullies are NOT brave, but you can be! Bullies won't stop, unless you make them stop! Despite what everyone believes, being brave is not charging into a fist fight to resolve all your problems.

The best way to be brave is by using your brain. If you are being bullied at school or when you go out to play, don’t just let it happen! By using brain over brawl you’ll outsmart that bully in no time.

Bullies won't stop, unless you make them stop! As immature and horrible as they can be, there are ways to stop them. One way is through courage. Courage is a funny thing, we develop it over time. Not everyone is born with courage, sometimes it just takes one single moment for you to be as brave as a lion. You should know, here at Boolino, we try to inspire this kind of action, we want to inspire you! 

But how do we do that? Courage can be anything from telling your bully to stop, or telling your teacher all about what the bully is doing. When that bully gets in trouble you’ll get to see them being scared. We also want to emphasise that although it can be difficult, don’t suffer in silence. It's important as well, if you see someone getting bullied help them! Tell a teacher or tell their parents.

Speaking of parents, we can only imagine how it feels when you know your child is not enjoying their educational experience the way they should. So we thought the best thing we could do would be to try give you some advice on how to put that smile back on your child’s face. Just click on the link below for a variety of view points and actions which you can take to help stop bullying.


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- the Boolino team

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