Children's books for visual attention

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Children's books for visual attention

Let's talk about children's books to stimulate visual attention, a tool they can use to explore their environment and learn.

The more you use your vision, the greater the stimulus it will receive. During the development of a child's brain, there are periods when it's very important to stimulate the different senses, abilities and skills.

The idea behind stimulating children visually is getting them to reach their maximum potential. Objects, shapes, sizes and the movement of things are all visual stimulus that will help them to develop their autonomy, because it's with our vision that we physically locate our environment and move in it. Babies undergo a critical vision development period that lasts until they're 2 years old. It's a time when they have a great ability to acquire skills but after this, how can we continue motivating their visual capacity?

Childhood between the ages of 2 and 10 continues to be a sensitive time, if not critical for visual stimulation. What can we do to strengthen it?

Some advice tells us to encourage reading and stimulate children's desire to explore their physical environment. That's why today we would like to talk about books that directly respond to these needs.

Mouse Mansion by Karina Schaapman is a very curious book filled with infinite details to capture children's attention. With this book, children have fun on every page looking for the countless details that Karina Schaapman has included in her miniature. Because this book is made of real miniatures, not illustrations. You can play a game looking for objects and paying attention to the details. Between two people, you can have a competition to find an object that the other person has chosen in record time.

Another classic book that invites us to look for things is Where's Wally?, whose main character is hidden among the crowds on every page. We should also mention the Minions, books that ask us to look for many details and characters.

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