Children's Fears

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Children's Fears

Does your child have a specific fear? Can they sleep at night? Is it because of the monster under their bed? We have the best books to make your child understand their fears whether imaginative or not. 

Children’s Fears

Every child has fears, they are hardwired in us as a survival instinct. Many of these fears originate from the unknown; the dark, the noise outside the window, the unknown. These fears are exacerbated by the young child's wild imagination that makes them believe that the noise under their bed is a scary monster.

Children's fears usually dissipate as they grow older and understand their surroundings better but for now there are many ways you can help your kid. Each child has their own process of learning how to confront these fears, however reading about other characters facing the same fears they have will help your child become more secure of themselves. 

This is our funniest selection to overcome your children's fears with a laugh!

Imaginative Fears, 2 to 5 years old.

Young children have imaginative fears that arise from their wild imaginations. Fear of ghosts, fear of monsters, fear of the noise outside. These fears are only temporary, however you can guide your child to understand that together these creatures cannot hurt you.

Nothing Can Frighten a Bear will guide your child through the fear of the noise in the dark as Baby Bear urges his family to help him find the source of the roar that has woken him up. Your child will understand that they are not alone in having these fears and that with you by their side nothing can hurt them.

Fear of Failure. 3 to 6 years old.

Failure is daunting and can be a source of anxiety for your child. The fear of failing in school or failing at doing simple things such as learning how to ride a bike can be challenging for your child to face. However, through the right book you can teach your child how to see failure as a lesson.

Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market narrates the story of Falgu, a farmer, who goes to the market to sell the food he has grown. Unfortunately, on the way the eggs break and his tomatoes get squashed. So, what does Falgu do? Falgu faces the challenge and decides to make from this obstacle an opportunity!

Fear of Being Alone. 5 to 7 years old.

Being left behind is a fear that is present from the moment your child is born. That is why when they no longer see their parents they start to cry as they do not understand what is happening. This fear naturally dissipates as the child begins to understand that even if their parents leave, they will come back.

Regardless, young children still live with this fear that is ever present. In order to better understand their fear children can explore their dread by reading stories of characters who have lost their family such as Snowball the Baby Bigfoot. Snowball has lost his family, and Eddie and Izzy have to help him find his family. Will the Baby Bigfoot reunite with his family before Christmas?

Fear of Disappointment. 9+ years old

Children often suffer from the pressure that others unknowingly place on them. This usually occurs during Primary and Secondary School when they are expected to achieve good marks at school. Also, during this age, children often compare themselves with their peers and see school as a place to compete to be the best. This pressure can sometimes be too much.

All Too Much is a novel that narrates the story of Samira as she navigates the hallways of school and the pressures that they come along with it. Samira’s story can help your child understand how to deal with this pressure and prevent the anxiety that it may accompany. This book is recommended for children aged 9 or above. 

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