Digital or print – Children’s literature and new formats

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Digital or print – Children’s literature and new formats

By Andrea Pérez

There doesn’t seem to be any end to the debate about digital and print books, there’s no shortage of arguments for and against but, what if we look at it from a different perspective? Is it not more constructive to research new ways of reading based on our current circumstances? Perhaps if we leave the digital-print debate to one side we can make sense out of it all, because what we do know is that, whatever happens, we won’t stop reading.

There’s a certain amount of trepidation in Spain about embracing digital publishing, we haven’t made that decisive jump onto the bandwagon, a bandwagon which in countries like England has already “departed” through publishing companies like the independent Nosy Crow, with a fantastic example of good publishing practices which has a great vision to understand the current literary market.

And one of the strengths of this young publishing company is its in-depth knowledge of the new formats. Knowing how to contextualize an eBook or application is very important, because how it is created is completely different to how you create an illustrated album or children’s book. This is a far more collaborative process, where technique and teamwork come into play, so rather than underestimating and undervaluing this new way of reading, we should consider the possibilities presented to us by digital publishing and reading

It’s about working to escape from diagonal reading or skimming, to explore the vast amount of possibilities of the digital format and to understand the context in which we are reading, because an eBook is not a print book. This is a new process which requires all hands on deck and its final objective serves other functions.

Because we believe that researching and discovering is more rewarding than pitting two types of reading against one another because, whether we like it or not, they are both a reality. Today we’d like to recommend some titles from publishers that have opted for digital publishing and adapting children’s books to the new formats.

One publishing company which is hugely important in the world of children’s eBooks is Ilubuc. Aware of the paradigm shift that we're currently experiencing, at llubuc they are committed to children’s literature in the digital format.

Ilubuc is a children’s publishing company that specializes in illustration, and it brings us titles for young readers who have grown up in the digital world and who are taking their first steps as readers.

The exciting thing about Ilubuc is that they are extremely knowledgeable about the new formats and they keep up-to-date with innovations from the world of digital books. We recommend that you visit their website and Facebook page, two portals on which you will find lots of information about new formats and children's books, as well as their catalogue.

We also want to recommend an application that has been created by the CILIJ (International Center for Books for Children and Young People) of the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation. De cuentos is a free video-stories application that has a selection of 30 videos with traditional and modern tales, narrated using various techniques that will also be regularly updated.

A smart way of adapting storytelling to the digital world, so that children can enjoy it within a context that they are familiar with.

Finally, we recommend the small publishing company TopTapTip que publica exclusivamente en digital y que reúne distintos editores en un proyecto cooperativo que busca mantener las distintas maneras de entender la edición.

At TopTapTip we’ll find unpublished eBooks or books that were previously published in print form, seeking to experiment with the possibilities of children’s books and research new ways of offering children literature and fun. Aware of the change that we are experiencing and ready to make the most of it.

To see the full catalogue, you can visit their website.

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