Digital resources – Poetry and comprehensive education

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Digital resources – Poetry and comprehensive education

Today we are bringing you two digital tools for children with a firm commitment to quality content and educational and literary depth. They are Versonajes, an extremely exciting poetry application for kids, and SuperPaquito, the new e-reader from Imaginarium.

Versonajes, is an application for the iPad that we love, which fills a very important gap in the world of digital applications for children: poetry.

Brought to us by the publishing company Pintar-pintar, the author Aurelio González Ovies presents us with a book of poems for children. It contains a description of 23 characters in the form of illustrated poems. The illustrations are provided by Ester Sánchez, who literally blends her drawings with the author's text, resulting in affectionate and funny descriptions of all kinds of characters. A combination that encourages language play and reflection. 

A perfect application for children who are seized by the magic of words through evocative and thought-provoking scenes. Poems full of warmth which, for a few moments, give us and the children a break from the mayhem in which we live and encourage us to imagine and discover. 23 great poems that shape this fantastic application, which also comes with a set of links, photos and an interactive game.

A product that avoids the immediacy and superficiality that we often find in digital platforms and aims for literary quality.

Just over a year ago Jaime Janer talked to us about Paquito, the e-reader by Imaginarium for kids, an extremely useful tool designed especially for children. With tons of fun material designed for kids, Paquito was a safe bet when it came to choosing a tablet for them.

Imaginarium has gone a step further and is now presenting SuperPaquito, an incredible tablet that will be suitable for both the family and school environments. SuperPaquito comes with pre-loaded applications that were created especially for the platform. It also gives you the option of adding an external keyboard to make it even easier to use, both at school and at home.

It is a giant leap forwards in technology for kids and we should be grateful that ideas as good as this are emerging which are designed for kids, their comprehensive education and for the high quality and thoroughness of the content that they can access. A tool that can not only be used for reading, listening to music, playing and learning, but also serves as a prelude to what they will find in the digital world, with its overwhelming excess of information.

With SuperPaquito they will be able to access a huge amount of educational and fun resources and to browse the internet without any problems, teaching them to sift through information to find what really interests them.

With a camera, a calendar, rewards, email, videos, various office applications to make notes, a browser, messaging system…and lots of things besides that make SuperPaquito  the perfect e-reader for kids.

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