Exploration and Discovery!

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Exploration and Discovery!

If you are into dinosaurs, and love a good detective story, we have a great series for you to try. The Dinosaur Detectives by Stephanie Baudet, follows Matt, his palaeontologist dad and his cousin Jo on their adventures as they journey around the world discovering incredible fossilised dinosaur eggs.

The four books cover four exciting trips for Matt, who has just recently turned 12 and can now accompany his dad on archaeological escavations. But Matt has a very special talent that makes his dad’s work even more exciting. Every time he touches a dinosaur egg he is transported back in time to see the actual dinosaur in its habitat. This means he can give a more accurate description of the dinosaur to his dad, telling him the height, colouring, skin texture and nature of the dinosaur and what it is eating or doing at the time. All this information helps his dad to recreate the scenes in his world famous paleo-art. 

This box set would make the perfect gift for a dinosaur lover, or future explorer! The stories are told by Matt and follow his experiences of going on archaeological trips with his dad, and having to put up with his annoying cousin Jo. The book contains short chapters, exciting locations and potential danger around each corner, accompanied by black and white illustrations. It's a good idea to read all 4 books from the beginning to help children follow the plot line and meet all the characters.

- The Boolino Team

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