Discovering a new language

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Discovering a new language

The best time to get started with learning a foreign language is when you’re young. Children’s minds are far more susceptible and willing to take in new information. But while they may well be learning in the classroom, they might like to practice at home too and we have discovered a great way to inspire them.

A very nice man called Alex got in touch with us recently, to tell us about his new reading scheme, One Third Stories. Alex (who speaks four languages himself) and his friend Johnny, have combined their love of books and languages to come up with a fun way to introduce children to learning a foreign language.

The beautiful books from One Third Stories begin their story in English but then very carefully introduce the reader to foreign words. For example, in The Great Español Word Search we meet a young girl that gets caught in a storm trying to rescue a cat. The nasty storm blows away all her words, so the very grateful cat agrees to accompany her on a word search to find all her missing vocabulary. Along the way, they meet lots of very helpful characters; like a dinosaur, a teapot and a mermaid. They all help the little girl retrieve her words but along the way she discovers some Spanish words that have been mixed up with the English due to the storm! The characters are whimsical and fun, and the illustrations that accompany them are absolutely charming.

It doesn’t stop there though, not only can you read the story and follow the adventure, there is also an audio version to download to help practice pronunciation and the book comes with a mini fact file and flash cards to help you test what you’ve learnt after reading.

These hard back books are a subtle way to begin learning, and a fun way to practice at home. The books are available in four different languages: Spanish, French, German and Italian. And for those little book worms that really enjoy the stories and want to take language learning a little further, One Third Stories also offer a box subscription service – because “One book is never enough!”

These books are aimed at 4 – 9 year olds, but I think parents will enjoy reading them too and brushing up on their vocabulary, perhaps for their next holiday abroad!

Happy Reading!

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