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Exciting new worlds are being designed by the best authors of the 21st Century! Dystopias are great novels to let your mind reflect on our society.

Our favourite dystopian books for young adults 

With Dystopian books becoming adapted for the big screen and television more and more, we decided to delve into the world of Young Adult dystopias. What is there was a parallel universe? Or a world that seemed perfect? In this collection of young adult books, we bring you the best dystopian books of the 21st century for YA readers.  

The House of the Scorpion 

This coming of age novel narrates the story of six-year-old Matt who doesn't understand his past. Does he have a past? This book is set in Opium, a country that thrives off of the poppy fields that are grown in it. Matt is threatened by his family and unknown people.  

The only way to survive is to escape, but how? Recommended for children aged 11 and above. 


The first instalment in Scott Westerfeld's successful book series that questions social norms and criticizes the superficiality in our society. Tally is an Ugly and she must wait for fifteenth birthday to undergo an operation that will transform her into a Pretty.  

However, the authorities will not let her turn into a pretty until she finds her friend Shay who has escaped. Shay has joined the Rusty Ruins, a community that has rebelled against society's norms. Recommended for children aged 12 and above. 


This exhilarating novel is filled with adventure and suspense. Tris lives in a world that is divided into five factions and once you're sixteen you must take an aptitude test and choose one of the factions. The woman who tells Tris her results warns her not to tell anyone her results because it could threaten her life. The results indicate that she is Divergent... 

This novel is packed with thrills and will keep you on your toes as the seemingly perfect world in which Tris lives starts to collapse. Recommended for children aged 13 and above. 

The Hunger Games 

Who hasn’t heard of this one?! The world-famous series by Suzanne Collins will take you into the life of Katniss Everdeen as she tries to survive the everyday life in District 12, Panem. In this dystopia, every year there is a deadly competition in which two volunteers from each district compete to the enjoyment of the people at the Capitol. Katniss Everdeen volunteers as her little sister's name is drawn from the ballot.  

This selfless choice will lead to a thrilling path in which death might be just around the corner. Recommended for children aged 11 and above. 

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