Easter Treats

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Easter Treats

The school holidays aren’t just a time for gorging on chocolate (and hopefully getting out in the sunshine for a bit) it’s also a great time to get stuck into a new book and keep practising independent reading. We decided to put together some book suggestions for the 5 – 9 age group that might spark the interests of both book worms and reluctant readers alike.

Geronimo: The Dog Who Thinks He’s a Cat by Jessie Wall

GeronimoThis is the story of a little puppy called Geronimo who leaves his mum and her litter in search of a new adventure. He ends up following a cat through its cat flap and making himself at home in her bed with her kittens. When the family awakes, they mistake Geronimo for another kitten, that is until he grows surprisingly quickly and suddenly they have a huge dog that thinks he’s a cat! There are lots of laughs to be had with this book, and a lovely message about family and acceptance. And if you enjoy reading this, you can also try the follow up – Philomena: The Cat Who Thinks She’s a Dog!

Pugly On Ice by Pamela Butchart

PuglyThere are three books in the loveable Pugly series. The latest sees Pugly as a first-class ice skater, hoping to win himself the gold medal. That is until he realises someone else is trying to knock him off the podium! The great thing about the Pugly stories is the way Pamela writes from the dogs’ perspective and captures all the little things we know and love about puppies. If you have a pug lover in your house you are sure to enjoy these funny furry stories.

The Great Español Word Search by One Third Stories

The Great Espanol Word SearchSomething a little different from your usual story book. This title very cleverly introduces Spanish vocabulary to young readers. It’s a wonderfully illustrated tale of a young girl that loses her words whilst trying to rescue a cat during a big storm. She then begins an adventure to find her words again, but on the way not only does she meet some very interesting characters that help her, she also discovers some Spanish words too. For me, this story has elements of the Wizard of Oz in it, and it’s a great way to help children become familiar with another language. The story is also available in French, German and Italian so you can choose which best suits your child.

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels

Miss PetitfourWith a Mary Poppins feel to it, Miss Petitfour is a charming character that cat lovers will enjoy. I’m realising as writing this that I have so far chosen all books that feature cats or dogs – this is a complete coincidence! Miss Petitfour has an abundance of little cat friends that accompany her on her many adventures. It’s a very sweet book that’s probably more suited to girls, but parents will enjoy reading along with the stories and appreciate all the literary elements and new vocabulary that the stories teach.

Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds: The Super Sonic Submarine by Angie Lake

Danny DingleIn complete contrast, Danny Dingle doesn’t feature any cats or dogs but he does have a pet frog called Super-Dog so it almost counts! Danny and his friend Percy are back in this second instalment with more adventures and inventions. This is a fab book for reluctant readers as it’s written in a comic book style with lots of jazzy fonts and fun illustrations. While it may seem like quite a long book, there are some pages with only a few lines of text so it’s easily manageable. There’s lots more silliness and laugh out loud moments from Danny and the gang, and his long-suffering mother, and over enthusiastic dad are back to entertain the parents too. So it's really perfect for either reading as a family, or enjoying on your own.

We hope this little list has inspired you, do let us know what you’re reading, we would love to hear from you!



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