Eat your Greens!

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Eat your Greens!

With the latest release of There’s Broccoli in my Ice Cream! We have had quite a few laughs in the office about how some children (and adults!) just don’t want to eat their greens. Here we have some stories of peoples attempts to make meal times fun, and vegetables more appealing!

One mum was trying to make meal times more fun, so decided to buy purple cauliflower to make cauliflower cheese with. But of course, once all the purple juices from the cauliflower mixed with the cheese sauce it turned out looking like a rather sickly mess instead of the fun colourful dinner she was hoping for!

Another mum used to mix all the vegetables up and call it Rainbow Pie – how cute!

One colleague told us that her mum used to call mashed potato “mashed up chips” to encourage them to eat potato in a different format!

There are lots of parents that like to arrange fruit and veg into funny faces to make snack time more lively, but we heard one story of a dad that did this for their 2-year-old and it was met fear, shock and a bucket load of tears so he didn’t try that tactic again!

Finally, a friend of mine who is originally from Kentucky in the USA told me that when she was younger they brought out green and purple ketchup to try and encourage children to eat more of a varied diet, accompanied by the sauce! Needless to say, the colours were pretty off putting and she certainly didn’t feel inspired to eat more veg, just because it was accompanied by green ketchup!

We would love you to share your experiences of trying to get children to eat their veg, feel free to comment on our blog or share your stories with us via Facebook and Twitter. 

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