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Exam Fever

First, take a deep breath! The most important thing is to do what works for you. There are lots of different suggestions for how to revise and prepare for exams but no two people are ever the same (that’s what makes us all unique and wonderful!) so don’t feel like you should do the same thing that your best friend is doing, or what worked for your big sister, or what they told you to do on that website you read. 

Ultimately you are the maker of your own destiny. That’s sounds intense and cheesy, but it’s true. Only you can decide how you learn best, and what subjects are most important for your future. And if you’re not sure, that’s ok too! It’s always good to try different things and make mistakes. That way when you find what you love you will really appreciate it!

So, with that in mind, here are just a few of our suggestions for coping with exams:

  • Make a plan
    Sitting down with a calendar and mapping out when you have free time to revise can help to put your mind at ease and make the thought of studying less daunting.
    Study Plan WikiHow
  • Find something to inspire you
    Are you a fan of colour coding your work? Do you like to listen to revision notes instead of reading them? Does it help you to buy a new pen? Whatever it is don’t be afraid to do it. If you feel inspired to sit down and study each day then it's worth it.
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  • Get some rest
    It’s been scientifically proven that cramming all night is not good for you, so make sure you get some beauty sleep!
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  • Drink plenty of water
    Staying hydrated is good for your brain, so while you’re busy beavering away don't forget to have a glass of water close by.
    Jack and Rose stay hydrated
  • Practice
    Don’t forget to keep testing yourself to see how much you really remember. It’s very easy to keep reading notes and think you know it all, but once you remove the safety blanket of your notes the panic sets in – and you don’t want that to happen in the exam!
    Squidward studying

Don’t forget, there’s lots of great advice online so you don’t need to feel alone in all this exam madness. And make sure you take time out of your revising schedule to have some fun, relax and unwind. We have a great selection of teen and young adult titles that are great for helping you de-stress and lose yourself in another world for a few hours. 

Good luck to everyone studying, whatever it's for! We wish you all lots of success!

Boolino Team x


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