How Does Fiction Express Create Book Lovers?

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How Does Fiction Express Create Book Lovers?

By Max Gayler

With almost 200 schools taking part in eight countries it's time to learn exactly how Fiction Express is tackling the issue of reluctant readers...

It's what drives every teacher. The dream that each and every student will come away from a book in class, rush home to carry on from where they left off and once they've finished, dive deep into the encapsulating world of literature. 

Creating book lovers is something Fiction Express has been specifically designed to do. Inspired by a deep desire to get children reading, Fiction Express is a book platform that connects children with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories, improving lifelong learning outcomes.

It's no secret that children are much more likely to want to read if they can choose for themselves. Fiction express achieves this by putting students right in the driver's seat. Let's explain...

The Fiction Express Method


At any time, readers can choose from one of three books being published live at reading ages 6+, 8+ and 10+. These books are published six times a year with weekly chapters


The Co-creation starts here. Thousand of students vote each week to decide what happens next. The author will then bring the most popular decision to life.


The Fiction Express book forum gives students a safe online platform to go behind the scenes and speak directly with authors to ask questions, give their opinion or share their ideas.


Comprehension of the chapter is tested each week with an online quiz. Immediate results are given to students and shown on the teacher’s dashboard.


Teachers are supported with an annual publishing plan and additional teacher resources for every chapter to ensure the story’s learning potential is exploited to the full.

Habit Formation

This process follows the three 'R's of habit formation:

3 rs of habit formation

  • Reminder - Weekly stories published in fast-paced chapters that keep readers hooked.
  • Routine - Students vote weekly to decipe the plot - our secret weapon to continue their engagement
  • Reward - The co-creation of books and talking to authors in real time through the book forum

Fiction Express bridges the gap between what is taught in class and at-home by bringing together the irreplacable joy of reading and the power of independent learning.

Find out more at the Fiction Express website or sign up for a free trial here.


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