Fiction Express - The Importance of Reading

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Fiction Express - The Importance of Reading

By Audrey Curl

Reading stamina is a phrase that is popping up more and more in the world of literacy and it’s not hard to see why. Children are growing up in a world that teaches them to use technology for everything. They’re provided with digital distractions that offer them instant satisfaction and because of this reading a whole book can be a very daunting challenge, one that many may not have the patience for.

At Fiction Express we believe reading for pleasure should never become a chore. Our idea is, if children like using tablets and laptops why not let them use these devices as a way to learn too? Fiction Express eBooks are fast paced, full of action, emotion and suspense and are available to enjoy whatever your reading level. Our fantastic chapters go live every Friday and voting for the next chapter closes the following Tuesday, meaning children are given a clear time limit in which to read and interact.

Our model has proved successful in classrooms around the UK, and our blog shows just how keen students are to read, vote and chat with the authors. What I think makes our resource so special is that we provide stories in digestible weekly segments (like a modern day Dickens!). This technique encourages children to make reading a part of their routine, a time to relax and enjoy a gripping story but improve their literacy, vocabulary and creative thought at the same time.

With each new half term comes a whole new story with a different topic, theme and range of characters. From a young detective to a Celtic princess to a Syrian refugee, children will find characters they can believe in, relate to and will want to read about time and time again.

Next half term’s stories will be some of our most exciting yet. Our youngest readers will be taken on another hilarious pirate adventure with Captain Jellybeard and her crew, who get washed up on a mysterious island where animals that are usually big are small and animals that are usually small are big!

Meanwhile our mid-level readers will join Marcus, a Roman slave, as he and his father travel back to their hometown of Pompeii totally unaware that the infamous Mount Vesuvius could erupt any day.

For our highest level, Fiction Express author Alex Woolf is back with a dystopian tale set in occupied Britain. Can schoolchildren Jack and Lizzy find their way across the dangerous Zone to help the Resistance and defeat the Nazis?

Like all Fiction Express stories, their fate lies in your hands!

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