Finding out about Fiction Express

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Finding out about Fiction Express

By Corinne Yoder

What’s been the best part of Fiction Express for me as a reader, former teacher and employee? It's got to be the reactions from the readers on our blog. 

When I first heard about Fiction Express, I thought, “That genuinely sounds like a great idea and very interesting.” The concept of students being part of the writing process by voting how the story should continue at the end of each chapter was something I had never heard of before.

I admit I had my own doubts: do authors always know more or less which vote is going to win? Are they really writing these new chapters every week? It seemed like a real challenge if authors really only had two or three days to have a new chapter completed.

But the chapters really are live. The authors really don’t know what vote the readers are going to choose. I talked directly to some of them, after hearing the news that a different ending than what they had imagined would win had won, they had been very surprised but said it made the writing process both more challenging and more creative for them.

I love that Fiction Express creates a safe space for readers to express their ideas, communicate with others and challenge themselves to keep reading each week. The weekly posts automatically create a reading schedule for them, which is often something even us adults (I can admit to this) really need to get into the habit of doing.

It has been such a pleasure to see all of the comments from students eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapter and letting us know how they personally related to the stories, and it's fantastic to see how the authors interact with the students and teachers, both on the blog and on social media. I would recommend these e-books to any family looking to improve their children’s reading or even just looking for a good story.

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