Finn Herman – Adorable crocodile

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Finn Herman – Adorable crocodile

This month with my little book box we bring you Finn Herman by Mats Letén, illustrated by Hanne Bartholin and published by Libros del Zorro Rojo, for children aged between 4 and 6.

An open-minded book about a crocodile that goes around gobbling up everything that crosses its path, including children. A book that takes no prisoners and is fun and highly visual and which playfully builds up the story before reaching a large pop-up page at the end. Do crocodiles scare you? After you’ve met Finn Herman they won’t any more.

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Finn Herman is one of the few Danish illustrated books that we can find in Spanish. In this Nordic country the genre has some of the best authors and illustrators around today and it is experiencing a real boom. A country where they are committed to high-quality children’s literature that does not create taboos during childhood and which understands that a child is a critical and intelligent human being, with a capacity to reflect and be moved by books.

An absurd, over-the-top and exceptional book that encourages the reader to take sides; if you feel sorry for everyone who has been gobbled up, the illustrator has included some alligator shears so that you can get them all out of the animal’s tummy, but if you also feel sorry for Finn Herman, she has included a needle and thread so that you can sew him back up. You decide.

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