Five coloring books for a different way of learning to color in

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Five coloring books for a different way of learning to color in

Not yet another collection of children’s coloring books? Not a chance, the books we’re recommending today, published by the MTM publishing company are a new, great way to learn and enjoy playing with colors and paint.

Why? First of all because of their size: These books are 29.5 x 42 cm - to give you an idea that is the size of a large tray or a piece of A3 paper - which is suitable because it gives you a large enough area to apply the color and experiment with it. The perfect size to sit on the floor and spend hours trying different colors and techniques.

Secondly, because it looks like an artist’s book for children, allowing them to create their own catalogue of artistic creations while they learn about different techniques, materials and color combinations. And it also combines playing with creativity and humor.

And thirdly because of how clearly things are explained. In a couple of lines it gets straight to the point and conveys all of the necessary information in a concise, practical and fun way.

Five really fun coloring books of a different kind, with no stereotypes or childish things; five brilliant ways to be introduced to a world of color and art.

Cuaderno de pintura para aprender los colores, by Pascale Estellon.

Cuaderno para aprender a colorear de otra forma, by Pascale Estellon.


Personajes para colorear, by Joëlle Jolivet.

Coloreart, by Joëlle Jolivet.


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