Fly away on a new adventure!

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Fly away on a new adventure!

This week we’re reviewing a new release from Indie Publisher Big Sunshine Books. The company, founded by Caroline Baxter in 2015, aims to publish bright books for bright minds focusing on the 0 – 5 age group so it’s one to watch for picture books and early reading.

Pilot Jane and the Runaway Plane

Jane is a fun and feisty little character that flies around the world on her trusty plane, Rose. The two lead the jet-setting lifestyle visiting places like Paris, Rome, Hong Kong and Brazil. They’ve even won an award for the fastest plane! Jane and Rose are soon tasked with the important job of flying the Queen to a party, but during a stopover in Rose the plane gets sickSydney Rose gets very sick (she’s been eating too much cake) and she’s not able to fly for the Queens trip.

Jane must fly the Mighty Mitch instead, .He’s also mega fast but he doesn’t think much of Jane being his pilot and tries to divert and play troublesome tricks. Jane isn’t happy about this, but when Mitch flies into a storm he soon gets scared and Jane has to keep him calm and help fly them to safety. The Queen arrives on time, and Jane and Mitch learn to work together and be friends.

The Review

There’s plenty of girl power in this book, with the two leads Jane and Rose being the best of friends, working hard and Jane surfingplaying hard too! When Mitch comes along and doubts Janes abilities she soon proves him wrong. The story has a very positive and uplifting feel to it. It is sure to inspire little girls and teach them that if they work hard and believe in themselves, anything is possible. It also teaches not to judge someone without getting to know them, and that ultimately working together as a team is the most important thing. The illustrations are bright and colourful, and for me have a bit of Disney feel to them, they remind me of those in Lilo and Stitch. It’s nice that Jane is drawn as a child even though she has a very grown up job, I think children will find her more relatable and it fits well with the very brightly decorated Rose!

Together with Big Sunshine Books we have two free Pilot Jane colouring sheets! Click here for Rose and here for Mitch. Download and inspire your little ones to reach for the skies!


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