Happy Little Helpers Make Shopping Easier

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Happy Little Helpers Make Shopping Easier

By Kirsty Finlayson

Doing the weekly food shop with kids is stressful, right? Asda's employee, Jenny from Middlesbrough, came up with a brilliant idea to make it more enjoyable for everyone... 

Ah, the weekly food shop. It used to be such a chilled, and often quite a boring duty. Now a food shop alone seems like a luxury. When you add a few tweens and tots to the supermarket sweep, chaos ensues.

The magazine aisle is a no-go, as well as the toy aisle. The sweetie aisle is a treat saved until the end after using bribes throughout.

Can the weekly food shop really be made any better?

Asda seems to think so... 

Asda Happy Little HelpersAsda’s employee, Jenny Barnett from their Middlesbrough store, came up with the brilliant idea of creating an interactive shopping list for kids to work with as they do their shopping.

Jenny’s son Charlie has non-verbal autism, and Jenny came up with the idea to keep him engaged as they did their weekly shop. The pictures and symbols helped Charlie communicate as well as keep him calm during the shop.

Jenny’s brilliant shopping list has all the essentials like milk and bread which children can tick off as they go round the shop, there’s even an option to put a treat on there (the bribes still live!)

The idea was trialled in Jenny’s Middlesbrough store and has now been rolled out across over 300 stores UK wide.

"It’s such a nice feeling that I can walk into an Asda miles away from Middlesbrough and see another child benefitting from myAsda Shopping Lists Childen idea – it’s going to help so many children which is great", Jenny says.

Although the original shopping list was made for children with autism, it is available for all children who visit the store. Tom Purser, head of campaigns and public engagement at The National Autistic Society noted that “Asda’s initiative is a great example of an organisation taking the trouble to understand how autistic children and adults experience the world”.

Well done Jenny and Asda – we’re sure your shopping list idea will be a massive success!

Find out if your local store is one of the 400 shops with the Happy Little Helper shopping lists

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