How To Hack Your Classroom Using Fiction Express

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How To Hack Your Classroom Using Fiction Express

By Max Gayler

From charging your phone with a banana to using a tennis ball to hold your keys, 'life hacks' have been made popular because they make our lives simpler. Let's bring it to the classroom! 

Managing a class full of young minds can be the most rewarding feeling, but when you're left running around to track down textbooks and homework it's easy to feel defeated. There are, however, ways around this using Fiction Express to take control and turn your classroom into a slick and efficient educating machine.

Never Run Out of Hard Copies AgainFiction Express Read Offline

The bane of some teachers lives... Eight copies of a book between 30 students is just an example of how books that have somehow been lost, left at home or used by another class can damage the learning environment for young students.

Here's the solution. Download PDFs of each chapter using our two-page printing option to minimise printing time and maximise learning. No more sitting at the photocopier breaking the spines of books to get readable copies.

Alternatively, you can bring up the book on the projector using our website's e-reader so everybody can read along together!

See Which Students Have Been Reading At HomeStudent Tracking Fiction Express

Fiction Express has been specifically designed to foster reading habits in children so it's no surprise that students are picking up books outside of the classroom. Using the 'Student Tracking' feature it's easy to see which students have been putting in the extra time.

This tool also works great when setting reading as homework to see which students are up to date and which need to catch up! 

Pre-planned Lesson ActivitiesFiction Express Teacher Resources

As exciting as it can be to put together an information-filled activity to support whatever book you're reading in class, not every teacher has hours spare every evening to meticulously design materials to use in class. Every chapter of Fiction Express comes with an activity pack full of a diverse selection of activities to explore the story and get your students' minds whirring.

Tests that Mark Themselves!

Lastly, the holy grail of classroom hacks. Time is very valuable for a teacher so spending hours of it each week marking multiple choice questions isn't the best use of their time. Every chapter of every book Fiction Express publishes comes with a ten-question quiz to test retention and comprehension of the story. 

The best part... You can see every student's results all in one neat and tidy chart on your 'Student Tracker'!


To get your classroom using these hacks simply sign up for a free trial with Fiction Express and introduce your students to the easier way to read!


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