How To Promote Family Learning With Fiction Express

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How To Promote Family Learning With Fiction Express

It's becoming more and more important to promote family learning outside of the classroom. Discover how to make it realistic and achievable... 

It’s exhausting trying to find a tool that meets all your needs and expectations for boosting literacy in the classroom.

You need to find something that encourages kids to read with tracking options, teaching resources and you need a platform that promotes family learning too.

That’s where Fiction Express comes in.

Fiction Express is a children’s reading resource that promotes reading in the classroom as well as at home. In the classroom, kids will be reading one of three “live” titles, which are released every half term. At home, children have access to a massive backlist of over 80 Fiction Express titles

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A new need for Fiction Express in the 21st century

The latest research shows that children aged 8-11 spend over fourteen hours in front of a screen every week. The majority of children in the UK either have a personal device or access to a home computer or tablet.  Within this time, reading online is not a priority for children.

Children's Screen Time UK

Accessing eBooks is difficult for children as they do not have the means to complete transactions and it is much easier for them to download a free game from an app store. Furthermore, it can be difficult for children to find the right book online with over 10,000 books being published every year in the UK alone!

Fiction Express can be seen as a complement to reading hard copy books at home. As adults, we rotate between eBooks and hard copy books and we can install this same practice in children.

Child Reading Ebook Fiction Express

Digital reading is useful to children in the same way in which it is useful for adults. Children can read Fiction Express;

  • When travelling or on holiday when hard copy books are not to hand
  • When children want to continue reading the same genre in an instant
  • To benefit from Fiction Express’s accessibility features; dyslexia friendly texts, large format print, and different coloured backgrounds
  • As an alternative to games and social media

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How does Fiction Express promote family learning?

It’s effortless to promote family learning with Fiction Express. Firstly, all students are given their own personal login when you sign your class up to the platform. This login can be printed out and sent home with regular homework so that parents are made aware of the access their child now has.

Promote Family Learning Fiction Express

With this login, families can log on at home and access the whole back catalogue of Fiction Express, as well as the current live books. Depending on the reading ability of the child, parents can either choose to read books with their children or just know about the access to encourage children to access books independently.

Every chapter ends with a vote, and although the backlist titles are not live, readers get to compare their choice to what actually won during the live vote – reinforcing the gaming feel.

To promote family learning, teachers can track what students have been doing at home and can see how active they have been. As each chapter of a Fiction Express book comes with a ten-question quiz, teachers can closely monitor their students’ progression.

Promote Family Learning: How To

For parents that Fiction Express for shared reading, the weekly chapter and voting and quiz format motivates family learning as the platform naturally breaks the reading task down into a manageable chunk rather than feeling compelled to read more of a longer book.

Using Fiction Express at home ensures the family will never be without something to read, and any reading completed can be seen and rewarded by the class teacher.

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