How To Throw The Best Halloween Party For Kids

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How To Throw The Best Halloween Party For Kids

By Kirsty

Make sure you have the best Halloween party for kids ever by downloading our frightfully good how-to guide.

Halloween is just around the corner! Here at Boolino we are already itching to get into our Halloween costumes and get Monster Mashing!

So what do you need to host the best Halloween party for kids?

1. You need invites that scream “THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!”

You can make them yourself by finding some inspiration on Pinterest, or you can download them here. These are for a Scary Hairy Party, time to whack out the hair gel and Kirby grips!

Best Halloween Party For Kids

2. You need the ghoul-est decorations for your house or classroom

The best Halloween party for kids EVER needs brilliant decorations.  Why not pick up a few cheap witches hats at the supermarket and get your hands on some fishing wire. Sew the wire through the hats and attach the end of the string to the ceiling. It will look like the hats are floating mid-air! Or download our bunting cutouts here.

3. Halloween snacks are a must!

No tricks at this party, only delicious treats! Get creative with your food and make it fit in with the theme of the party – spooky! Think witches fingers, mozzarella eyeballs, Dracula’s milkshake, you can really get creative!

4. Make sure your games are the most fun!

Most party games can be given a Halloween twist for your party. Some of our favourite games to play at a Halloween party for kids are;

  • Hot pumpk-ato

This game takes the tradition hot potato game, and gives it a spooky makeover. Find a squishy pumpkin toy, or even a very small pumpkin will do, and turn the music on. Children will have to pass the pumpkin round quickly, as if you’re left with the pumpkin when the music stops – you’re out!Pumpkin Photo

  •  Find the pumpkin

Hide mini pumpkins around your house or classroom. These can be cutouts, small pumpkins, or chocolate pumpkins! Make it a fun treasure hunt for pumpkins; you can even give clues to where they are hiding!

  • Who’s your mummy?!

Who can make the best mummy?! Split the party into two teams and let them choose who will be wrapped up (if there are arguments, the oldest goes). Then put 90 seconds on the clock, and the teams must cover their mummy top to toe in toilet roll! The winner is the mummy with the least skin or clothing on show!

For more Halloween games, make sure you download our party-throwing guide!

5. You need the spookiest stories!

Witches, werewolves and warlocks will all be at your party, so you need to impress them with a spooky story. For the littlest ones, you can read Creak! Squeak! Halloween! For the older kids, Geronimo Stilton: Fangs & Feasts in Transratania is a great story! 


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