Impacting children's lives

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Impacting children's lives

Sitting in the high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid, memories from last night’s Boolino night come to my mind. On October 1, coinciding with the LIBER, the International Book Fair, we invited for the second time children’s book publishers to celebrate with us Boolino night, our networking event for publishing professionals.

This time more than 100 people joint us, doubling the number of participants of our first event in summer. In case you missed it, here are some photos

In today’s post I just would like to thank you in name of the whole Boolino team. Thanks for finding some time in your busy fair agenda to share with us some special moments. Thanks for showing us through your participation that you value our work; having partners like you is key for us to be able to reach our goal of impacting children’s lives through the power stories. And, most importantly, thanks for dedicating your lives to children’s books. Through your books, countless kids experience the magic and joy of reading. We could write a book about how to foster children’s reading but, at the end, what really matters is giving kids access to books they love. Thanks for dedicating your lives to creating amazing books kids love, year after year.

Without your books, Boolino would not make sense. We feel very thankful for being able to help you to connect your books with readers, both parents and kids. We feel very privileged helping kids and families to discover the fun of reading. This is what is driving us every day since we created Boolino.

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Yours, Sven

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