The Impressionists - A review

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The Impressionists - A review

“Impressionism was a painting style developed in the 19th century. The artists painted their impressions and feelings about the world around them”.

It’s not always easy introducing children to new subjects. They might start learning something at school and either love it or hate it. The great thing about the books in the My First Discovery series is each subject is broken down into manageable, informative chunks and always accompanied by inspiring illustrations making it the perfect resource to accompany “first discoveries” and help children feel confident with what they’re learning.

The Impressionists is no exception. A brand-new release for 2017, this book introduces children to the style of painting used by the likes of Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir.

The ImpressionistsEach page is filled with beautiful examples of paintings, what inspired impressionism and who some of the artists were that rejected art school in favour of being led by nature and what they saw in the world around them.

The ImpressionistsBudding artists will also enjoy the transparent overlays that, when turned from page to page, help to reveal more about the paintings and show how the artists would use the light as an inspiration. Cut-out pages help to highlight certain aspects of the paintings, and there is even a little quiz at the end of the book to encourage children to remember what they saw and go back and identify the paintings again. If you're child has expressed an interest in art this is definitely a handy reference book to have on your shelf, and will hopefully mean they are the first to answer the question, "Does anyone know what impressionism is?"

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