Inspiring and Empowering Reluctant Readers

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Inspiring and Empowering Reluctant Readers

Last week, we focused on ABC’s and phonics and the important role they play in helping children excel in school and later in life. This month, we focus our attention on the topic of reluctant readers. 

The term “reluctant readers” refers to children that are not particularly inclined towards reading. This could be due to various reasons: whether it’s Dyslexia, Irlen Syndrome, EAL Learners, Short Attention Span, Low Self Esteem, etc. It could also be as simple as the child associating reading with the dreadded ‘reading scheme’ instead of a pleasant and satisfying activity. Not to mention, reading today is now competing with videogames and other instant gratification media, all fighting for the child's attention. Reluctant readers are slowly but surely missing out on the benefits of reading. Luckily, there are many solutions available to help grow the love for reading, even for the most reluctant of readers.

Publishers have develloped ingenious ways to interest even the most unshakable reluctant readers out there. Using science and research, they have develloped innovative books and applications that spark an interest in reading. Below are a few of them worth mentioning. Each has it’s own unique strengths tackling this topic.

Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke specialises in 'cracking reading', publishing super-readable children’s books that break down the barriers that can stop kids getting into reading. Their first-rate short fiction brings together the very best children’s authors and illustrators in the UK with a host of unique accessibility features to offer cracking reads accessible to more children including those with dyslexia or visual stress.

Moonlight Publishing

The success of their books lies in their ability to captivate children’s imagination and hold their attention through the quality of the artwork and design, and the clarity of the text.

Auca Digital

They use creative and interactive possibilities available through new technologies to create educational materials that capture the interest of children today and serve as a complement to analog materials.


They are dedicated to publishing books with real child appeal, using innovative concepts, high-quality illustrations, informative writing and, above all, humour to captivate the minds of young people.

This month, we will propose a series of recomendations and expert tips for each specific area of the reluctant reading topic and start a conversation about this “elephant in the room”. We hope these ideas and recomendations will help turn reluctant readers into book lovers. Let's share our experiences and best practices to inspire and empower #ReluctantReaders!

Happy Reading,

- The Boolino Team

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