An interactive board book

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An interactive board book

Help! The Wolf is Coming! is a children’s board book in which the main character is a ferocious wolf. The story is aimed at younger children and allows them to interact to stop the wolf in its tracks.

Help! The Wolf is Coming! is aimed at children aged between 1 and 3 because it comes in a board format and also allows the child to physically interact with the book. The young reader is given clear instructions on what they will achieve by tilting the book, moving it and shaking the pages to stop the wolf. The book itself contains the answers to stop this ferocious wolf.

  • Interactive: calls for the participation of the child to follow the history.
  • Adaptation of a classic tale: it is one of the classic adversaries of children’s literature, the ferocious wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, but used to adapt the story and offer a different take on a classic tale.
  • Board book: young children love this kind of book, which they can play with as well as read

Reading has a very important role in child development because it develops language, which is one of the main ways of developing intelligence in the child. Throughout their life it will affect their comprehension skills and will be one of the main vehicles for learning.

That’s why up to the age of 3, the ideal book is sturdy, with large images, made from fabric, vinyl or cardboard and with no more than one word per page. After 8 months you can start reading books with flaps, because the child will discover and remember the changes in the objects. It is also useful to include repeated phrases, rhymes and onomatopoeias, playing with the musical quality of language. From birth up to 6 months of age, during the first stage of the child’s life, they try to copy the sounds that they hear, but they are imitating rather than trying to reproduce what they are hearing. As they get older they will try to reproduce these sounds, to practice. From the age of one their intelligence will develop, their language will progress and they will start to understand that when words are spoken they mean something and are associated with things. After the age of two, the parent can take on a conversational role. That’s why we can also use this book to ask them what they thought about the ending and how they have played with this story.

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