Introducing Toddlyworld

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Introducing Toddlyworld

This month we’d like to introduce you to the Toddlyworld series. These colourful board books follow little Toddly as he makes new discoveries, along with his teddy bear sidekick, Toddlybear. 

The story begins in Magic Present. It’s Toddly’s birthday and he’s very excited to discover he’s having a surprise party. All his family and friends are there to celebrate. He’s one lucky boy! When Toddly opens his present a big teddy bear jumps out. The pair soon become the best of friends.

Through the different books in the series Toddly and Toddlybear learn how to count to ten, discover why the stars only come out at night, enjoy the different seasons and meet lots of farm animals.

See the collection here.

Each book is accompanied by an audio CD with three fun tracks. These include sing-along songs and extensive audio versions of the story – great for car journeys!

The books have been designed by author and mum Stanka Wixted to combine classic storytelling with audio and visual elements. Stanka wanted to create something that was both fun and informative for young children, and is hoping that Toddly will be enjoyed by the whole family.

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