The January Blues

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The January Blues

According to the Urban Dictionary, the January blues is the “funk” you enter into when the holiday season is over. It starts on 2nd January and can last until at least February. It's not surprising when the weather is usually at its worst and spring seems like light years away!

January is usually the month we punish ourselves, taking part in things like dry January and trying to cut back on sweets and puddings. The bank balance looks a bit worse for wear after all the presents and celebrations of December, so it’s no wonder it feels like we should just stay indoors and baton down the hatches!

But just because it’s a month to be thrifty, and one we try to just “get through” doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it. It should be a month to re-connect with reading. Finding that book that you loved and re-reading it. Finding new books to try, pushing yourself to read something you wouldn’t normally bother with. And of course, reading to and with our children.

Why not join a book club, or even start your own! You don’t even have to leave the house to do this now as there are several online book clubs that you can be part of. Find out what other people are recommending to read and see if you agree. Try writing reviews for books that you have read – authors and publishers love to hear what the readers think, it’s what drives them!

If you have reluctant readers in your house, try finding exciting ways to keep them interested. Remember, you don't just have to read books, try comics and short stories, build activities and games around the stories to make them more fun and practise reading out loud in short bursts. Remember, the more your children see you reading the more comfortable they will be doing the same.

Throughout January we will be posting fun activities and suggestions to help you and your family #reconnectwithreading, so make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Before you know it, January will be over and it’ll be time for all the pancakes, hearts and chocolates of February! 

Happy Reading

The Boolino Team

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